Seeing my surroundings with a different eye and creating artistic compositions of anything around me is what i love about it. A specific mood, a person or light. Photographs are stories we capture of all kinds of moments in life... We should be able to go back to those moments in time whenever we feel like.

get-up-and-go level

Really fond of photography in general - sure there are things i like above the other to shoot pictures of. Mostly i like searching for detail in everything. Makes you look from a different angle.







This passion for photography started when i was little. I remember when i saw someone holding a camera i tried to see what they were capturing.. i wanted one too! ..aaand eventually got one :)
Fast forward a few years, i started of shooting with a DSLR at a friends wedding, as a gift to them, and they were positively impressed. Did one or two more later on. (I'd like to try more in that area, so if you're looking for an affordable photographer and don't mind me still learning, drop me a line in the contact section. My aim is to document the real moments as they happen...every laugh, tear, authentic feeling... in a natural, fun relaxed style) I also have had several compact- or point-and-shoot cameras, but now own a SLR (Nikon).

Been shooting regularly ever since...
I cover a roomy range of photography such as nature photography, macro photography, portrait, food, advertising, architecture and proposal photography. Took some courses from a local photographer recently and i'm keeping busy with photography a part of every day.